The History of Shotton - Deeside & The Atkinson Family History
The History of Shotton - Deeside & The Atkinson Family History


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  • Dave Morris-Jones (Wednesday, April 25 18 06:41 am BST)

    Great to see this site. Iam a Shotton Lad but have lived in Chester past 18 Years. Nice to see the images. I lived in Rose Bank Cottage Shotton Lane in the 1970s I was told Rose Bank was around 400 years old I liked it there was sorry to go. I used to roam around the Wet Lanes as a Kid, I liked the brooks flowing at the roadside. Some years ago I saw that 1 had been filled in sad. Thanks.

  • Dyanna Swindlehurst (Sunday, July 23 17 12:37 pm BST)

    Excellent work Keith!

  • Rachel Swinglehurst (Monday, January 16 17 08:49 pm GMT)

    What a fantastic web site. Very clear info and lay out good. My hubby is a Swinglehurst and I have been looking at his family history for a short while. Really enjoyed reading and the photos are ace. Keep looking at them and seeing if hubby looks like anyone.

  • Gareth Eaton (Saturday, December 17 16 07:04 am GMT)

    Hi Kieth,
    Very interesting site,enjoyed viewing it,
    Lived in Kelsterton Hall when younger, which I remember was owned by a Mr John Summers he who owned the steelworks of the same name as was.
    Used to visit Shotton regularly shopping and travel to Liverpool via the "high level rail system" from Shotton station as I remember it called.
    Although I have lived in Lancashire these last 50 yrs or so, never forgotten my roots.
    Keep up the good work,I have bookmarked this site and will return.

  • George Manton (Wednesday, December 07 16 09:28 am GMT)

    Well done Keith on your new version website. Fascinating history of Shotton. Something to be very proud of. Will you be updating your chapter on the streets and shops in Shotton? Did you know that Alexandra Street was originally called Cumberland Street?

  • George Manton (Wednesday, December 07 16 09:24 am GMT)

    Hi Keith. Well done on your fantastic new version of The History of Shotton website. Something to be very proud of. Will you be updating the chapter on the streets and shops in Shotton? Did you know that Alexandra Street was originally called Cumberland Street?

  • Thom (Monday, August 22 16 09:30 am BST)

    Some really great stuff here. I'm originally from Connah's Quay, now in Slovakia, and love local history. This is the sort of stuff they should be teaching in the local schools!

  • Jan Barnes (Friday, August 19 16 12:46 pm BST)

    Thank you for compiling this history of my Swindlehurst family

  • Daniel Spencer (Saturday, July 16 16 08:25 pm BST)

    Lovely to read your website. William Swinglehurst born 1694 was my 8th great grandfather. The last Swinglehurst was my great grandma Phoebe, born in Nottingham in 1885 to Joshua William Swinglehurst.
    It is great to see a photo of Trough House, but a shame it no longer stands.

  • Kathy Dodd (Wednesday, May 11 16 12:58 am BST)

    I have been following you for many years and have really enjoyed the history. We now have a Kids from Shotton page on Facebook and its reignited by love of childhood in Shotton and meeting many old
    friends. Thanks for all your hard work on this webpage.

  • Wendy Kolar Mullen (Wednesday, May 06 15 03:32 am BST)

    Hello Keith-I had a wonderful surprise finding your website tonight. I had been trying to put a name to a face-I am working on a book, writing about Women and Suffrage, desperate not to include the
    precious photo without names-google image found you and the picture, name secured--thank you so much. I intend to honor Rose with a few words in my book. Thank you for sharing your hard earned
    information with the rest of us ;-)

  • L Blythe (Monday, April 13 15 09:42 pm BST)

    Hello Keith
    Very interesting website. I've lived in the Deeside area for 37 years and am very interested to see photos of the Shotton area from 1900. With your experience do you know where these can be viewed?
    I've seen books on sale about various places as they were back then, but never for our area. Do you know of any such publications?

  • Steve Howarth (Wednesday, November 26 14 01:37 pm GMT)

    Great website and much appreciated research.
    I lived in Shotton between 1960 and 1980. I have memories of the old Latchcraft Colliery spoil-heaps which used to smoke when it rained. My mother called them the "Burning Hills" which has a certain
    dramatic resonance. I have also dived many times on the wreck of the "Royal Charter" a steam clipper which was caught in the storm of the century in 1859, and was wrecked off Moelfre, Angelsey. She
    was built in Sandycroft and launched in the Dee.The Central Hotel was formerly named after the ship. Not sure why the name was revoked, and perhaps few people in Shotton probably identify with it's

  • Joan Wilmot (Sunday, November 02 14 08:35 am GMT)

    Thank you for this interesting history of Shotton.

  • mark caddick (Saturday, December 14 13 07:31 pm GMT)

    Hi you're mention of Taliesin street in shotton,is actually in reference to Taliesin avenue , which is what it is actually called. Your site is of great interest to me, as a shotton lad....keep up
    the good work.
    Best regards mark.

  • Geoffrey rees (Sunday, October 13 13 03:03 pm BST)

    As great grandson of mr Huw Owen Williams from Nevis who purchased killins farm in 1893 I and my father are delighted to see your site. My grandmother laura Williams was born at the killins in 1893.

  • Andy Lindop (Friday, October 04 13 06:47 pm BST)

    Hi Keith, new site looks nice, how soon you hoping to transfer as angelfire site is well past it now and has broken links and no gallery.
    Have you found any further oldies from Shottons history.

  • Andrew Lindop (Wednesday, July 24 13 11:10 am BST)

    Hi Keith

    I have been a visitor of your site for a great many years and the new layout is really good and looks grand. Keep gathering the photos and info mate as it is very interesting to read and look at,
    plus it is lovely for kids to see what our area used to look like and what shops etc we used to have and local characters.

  • Anna Linley (Tuesday, June 04 13 11:12 am BST)

    My mothers name is Swindlehurst and we are all very excited to find your site and she will be in connect with you soon.

  • Dyanna Swindlehurst (Sunday, February 17 13 02:12 pm GMT)

    Brilliant website Keith! Well done you. You clearly have worked very hard to put all the information together in a clear and logical way. I will email Marie English (who has the hymnbook of John
    Swindlehurst) in the USA and give her the website address. She will be very interested in what you have put together.